Story in Solomon Star (17 July 2015) about Dr. Nichole Georgeou led 'Human Security and Livelihoods in Solomons Islands' project.

Strategic Directions for Global Research on Volunteering for Peace and Sustainable Development 2015-2025 Workshop, 6-7 July 2015, United Nations University, Bonn, Germany


Workshop Session, Day 1

Bonn Workshop Group portrait

December 2013: Human Rights Conference, University of Wollongong (NSW)  

Nichole presenting paper at the "Genocide and Human Rights in the Era of the
United Nations" Conference, University of Wollonging, December 9-10, 2013.


October 2013: The Globalization of World Politics: Case Studies published

The compendium The Globalization of  World Politics: Case Studies 
co-edited by Charles Hawksley and Nichole Georgeou, has just
 been published by Oxford University Press. The book focuses
 on gender and the Pacific region, and draws together
25 researchers working in these areas.....
....and this is the way my copy turned up in the mail, complete
with ribbon and bow....Oxford University Press is a class act....

Inaugural 'State of the Pacific' Conference (ANU), June 2013

Nichole at the inaugural 'State of the Pacific' Conference, ANU, Canberra,
26 June 2013, discussing aspects of field research (December 2012) regarding
gender awareness and policing in Honiara, part of a co-presentation
with research colleague Dr. Charles Hawksley (UOW).

Signing New Book Contract, 21 May 2013

Signing Routledge book contract for  Police-building and the Responsibility to
Protect: Civil Society, Gender and Human Rights Culture in Oceania
with co-author Dr. Charles Hawksley, 21 May 2013.

Sydney Book Launch during National Volunteers Week - 17 May 2013
Dr. Meredith Burgmann launching Nichole's book Neoliberalism, Development, and Aid Volunteering,
and discussing the shifts in approaches to development aid and volunteering overtime.
The event was hosted by the Australian Catholic University and Palms Australia.
Dr. Burgmann has variously been/is an academic, author, politician, activist; she is
currently President of the Australian Council for International Development.

Nichole at the Sydney launch of her book, speaking on the need to begin
a conversation about development volunteering that acknowledges the
diversity of approaches to the practice, some of which do not 'do good'.

Roger O'Halloran from Palms Australia, speaking on ethical
approaches to development volunteering at the launch
of Nichole's book.
Australian Catholic University's Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences,
helping to launch Nichole's book in Sydney, a role she also undertook in Melbourne.

Drs. Burgmann and Georgeou, 17 May 2013.

Melbourne Book Launch - 13 May 2013

Melbourne launch of Neoliberalism, Development, and Aid Volunteering, 13 May 2013. The event was hosted by the Australian Catholic University and Palms Australia. Nichole's book was launched by Professor Paul James, Director of the Global Cities Institute (RMIT).


December 11-13, 2012: Vanuatu
Co-presented paper with Dr. Charles Hawksley at 'The South Pacific Agenda for Survival and Growth: A Framework for Coordinated Participation of Asian Donors?', a workshop organised by the Pacific Institute of Public Policy.


November-December 2012: 'Policing and the Responsibility to Protect in Oceania' Project, Fieldwork in Solomon Islands

December 2012, Fieldwork, 'Policing and the Responsibility to Protect Project': Nichole Georgeou and the CO of the Combined Task Force at the Guadalcanal Base of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), at the memorial for those who have died in the service of RAMSI since July 2003.

December 2012, Fieldwork: Savo Island (Solomons). Drs. Georgeou and Hawksley, meeting with former Prime Minister (2001-2006), the Honourable Sir Allan Kemakeza, whose leadership paved the way for, and facilitated, the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands project.

November 2012, Fieldwork, Rove, Solomon Islands:  Drs. Georgeou and Hawksley discussing gender issues with recruits at the Royal Solomon Islands Police Training Academy.


November 2012, Fieldwork, Gizo, Solomon Islands: Drs. Georgeou and Hawksley meet the Honourable Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo.

Palms Australia Solidarity Awards function, Sydney, 16 October 2012.

16 October 2012, Sydney: Dr. Nichole Georgeou presents her book "Neoliberalism, Development and Aid Volunteering" to Dr. Jose Ramos Horta at Palms Australia Solidarity Awards.


New Book Contract, October 2012

October 2012: Signing Oxford University Press book contract for the new edition of 'Case Studies from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific' with co-editor Dr. Charles Hawksley. This volume accompanies the internationally successful text 'The Globalization of World Politics'.

'Policing and the Responsibility to Protect in Oceania' Project, Fieldwork in Timor-Leste, June 2012


United Nations-Asia Pacific Strategy and Coordination Conference, Bangkok, May 2012.

Bangkok, 17-18 May 2012: Dr. Nichole Georgeou with co-presenter Dr. Charles Hawksley speaking at the "Regional Capacity to Protect, Prevent and Respond: United Nations-Asia Pacific Strategy and Coordination" Conference.

18 May 2012. 
Image copyright Asia Pacific R2P, UQU, part of Conference photostream........